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Vasaka, Adusa, Justicia Adhatoda Plant

Vasaka, Adusa, Justicia Adhatoda Plant

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Live healthily and keep all diseases at bay by growing this amazing medical plant, Justicia Adhatoda, in your garden. Commonly known as Malabar nut, adulsa, adhatoda, vasa, or vasaka, this dense evergreen shrub is in the Acanthaceae family.

The plant bears stem with yellowish bark and glabrous branches and has the potency that enhances the respiratory system and has been used for centuries.

The leaves are dark green in color and have long, elliptic-lanceolate and tapering to the base. Justicia Adhatoda contains a non-volatile alkaloid, vasicine, an organic acid, adhatodic acid, sugar, gum, and salts that manifolds curative properties and provides the best remedial measures.

It grows to a maximum height of 18 inches and blooms in full to partial sunlight. It is a low maintenance plant


Justicia Adhatoda Special Features

  • This plant has rich medicinal properties. 
  • The plant blooms white flowers with dense, large, axillary spikes.
  • It bears fruits with club-shaped capsules.
  • This plant helps to balance the Vata and Kapha Dosha
  • It is low maintenance.


Common Name

 Adulsa, Malabar nut, Vasaka and Adhatoda

Utmost Height

Upto 18 inches  tall

Blossom Time

February to March

Flower Color


Difficulty Level

Effortless to grow


Justicia Adhatoda Uses

Medicinal Uses

  • Leaves of this tender plant in various Ayurvedic preparations.
  • It is used for curing asthma, coughs, colds and is easy to administer.
  • The leaves of the plant are abundant in phytochemical constituents like tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, and phenolics.


Planting and Care

  • This plant needs at least 3-6 hours of direct morning sunlight to thrive. For the rest of the day, direct bright light will do.
  • If the plant cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, choose a spot that has natural indirect bright light.
  • Water the plant only when the soil feels dry.
  • Increase the frequency of watering during the summer and reduce it during winters and rainy seasons.
  • Try watering between 8-10 AM.
  • Knock off the old soil from the plant root by removing all rotted and dead roots.
  • Fertilize and prune the plant during Spring.
  • These plants thrive in well-drained, fertile soil, rich in organic matter.
  • Feed the plant with organic fertilizers during the growing season (June-July).
  • Anytime the plant outgrows the pot size, consider repotting the plant with fresh soil and some fertilizers.
  • While repotting, try not to disrupt the roots of the plant.
  • After receiving the plant, wait for a minimum of 2 weeks before repotting. 



Natural direct sunlight; Can also grow in bright indirect light


Average; Don’t overwater


Well drained, fertile organic soil.


Use any organic fertilizer.

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