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Thai Basil, Ocimum thyrsiflora Plant

Thai Basil, Ocimum thyrsiflora Plant

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This member of the mint family is a variant of sweet basil with a mild, tangy aniseed flavor. It holds a tang reminiscent of licorice, anise, and clove. This is a tender plant but is mostly grown as an annual herb in gardens. Thai Basil grows beautiful purple stems and purple-veined leaves, 1 to 2 inches long with a dark-green shiny background.

Thai Basil is not only famous for its culinary uses but is also an ornamental specimen.

Also referred to as ‘Sweet Thai’, these perennial plants are delicate with a pleasing aroma. This plant attracts bees and repels harmful pests. Thai Basil reaches a maximum height of 18 inches and requires average to medium efforts to grow and thrive. 


Thai Basil Special Features

  • The plant grows purple stems and purple flowers.
  • The plant holds a mildly spicy and sweet aroma.
  • This plant is used as a culinary herb.
  • This plant requires average maintenance to grow fully.



Common Name


Basil Thai

Utmost Height

Upto 18 inches  tall


Blossom Time


August  to September

Flower Color

Green and Purple

Difficulty Level



Thai Basil Uses

Culinary Uses

  • Thai Basil is a famous and renowned ingredient in red curries and Thai green.
  • The raw leaves of the plant are used for garnishing many Vietnamese dishes.

Medicinal Use

  • The leaves of the Thai Basil plant are bruised, and the aroma is inhaled and is used as an aromatherapy treatment.


Planting and Care

  • Thai Basil needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive and bloom to its full potential.
  • Water the plants weekly and make sure to keep the water off the leaves.
  • Water the plant from the base and don’t overwater.
  • Water stagnation must be avoided in all cases.
  • If the tree is bigger, make sure to dig a larger hole.
  • Make sure the roots of the plant are damp but not too wet.
  • Prepare the soil with Nitrogen fertilizers before planting the seeds.
  • Water the soil immediately after using the fertilizer.
  • Knock off the old soil from the plant root by removing all rotted and dead roots.
  • While repotting, it’s preferable to do it during the evening and keep the plant in a shady area for a min 2-3 days before moving it to the ideal location and climate. 
  • In case of insect or pest attack, use Eucalyptus oil, Neem oil, or Citrus oil spray for the primary treatment.



Direct Full Sunlight


High; Don’t overwater


Well drained soil.


15-28 degree C


Use any organic fertilizer.

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