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Sorrel Herb Herb Seeds
Sorrel Herb Herb Seeds

Sorrel Herb Herb Seeds

Transplant the seedlings in rich, well-draining soil and full sun or partial shade after the last chance of frost, placing them 12-15" apart in rows 18" apart

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Sowing: Sorrel can be started indoors 3-4 weeks before the last spring frost. Sow the seed thinly 1/4" deep and press the soil down slightly to ensure good contact; germination should take place within 21 days. Transplant the seedlings in rich, well draining soil and full sun or partial shade after the last chance of frost, placing them 12-15" apart in rows 18" apart. For direct sowing, plant the seeds 4-6" apart and thin the seedlings to 12-15" apart. For a continuous harvest, sow a new crop every 2 weeks until the heat of summer. Sorrel can also be propagated by cuttings or root division.

Growing: Keep the soil rich and moist for the best tasting leaves; a layer of mulch may help keep the soil cool, control weeds, and slow bolting. Removing the developing seed stalks also slows bolting; when the plant bolts, cut it off at ground level and it will produce a new crop of leaves. Watch out for slugs, which will harm the leaves. If grown as a perennial, sorrel will need to be covered thickly over the winter for protection. In the spring of its fourth year, sorrel plants may need to be dug up and divided to continue their healthy growth.

Harvesting: Fresh leaves can be harvested as soon as they reach a length of 3-5". Harvest the outer leaves until the plant becomes established, when the entire plant can be cut at ground level. Small, tender leaves have the mildest flavor, while the large leaves make excellent greens when cooked; cooking greatly lessens the sharpness of the flavor. Sorrel also freezes well.

Seed Saving: Sorrel will send up a seed stalk in its second year. As soon as the seeds begin to dry, rub them lightly to separate them from the stalk. Store them in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years.

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