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Shevanti, Chrysanthemum White  Plant

Shevanti, Chrysanthemum White Plant

Each Chrysanthemum flower head is actually a cluster of many flowers, composed of a central group of short disk flowers surrounded by rings of longer ray flowers. 

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Purchase Description

  • Shevanti, Chrysanthemum (White)  Plant
  • Product Material : Natural Plant With Pot , Quantity : 1
  • Pot : Height : 5 Inches (13 cm), Pot Colour : Black (Plastic)
  • Very easy to maintain and Suitable for gifting to Plant Lovers

Plant Description

Chrysanthemums are classified into nine categories according to the type and arrangement of disk and ray flowers - Incurved, Reflexed, Intermediate, Late Flowering Anemones, Singles, Pompons, Sprays, Spiders/Spoons/Quills, Charms and Cascades. 
For example, the reflexed Chrysanthemum consists of ray flowers that curve downward into an umbrella shape; the quill has tubular ray flowers that radiate from the center of the head.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Pot Size
Shevanti (White),Shevanti(Marathi), Chrysanthemum morifolium,Spoon Mum,Garden Mum,Quilled Daisy Mum,Chrysanthemum,Spider Mum,Shewanti,Florist's Chrysanthemum,Chandramukhi,Hardy Garden Mum, Chrysanthemum, Chandramukhi,Gulkdaudi,Chandramallika,Bagauri,gudauri,gulsevanti,Gavanthi,Savantage,Chamanti, Akkarakkaram,Chamunti; Punjabi ,Gondi, Bagaura,Guledawoodi, White It is very showy when in full blossoms in Nov-Dec. 1 feet 8 inch


Chrysanthemums are not specific to any season. 
Chrysanthemum plants can be grown in any kind of soil, but they require a sunny weather for best performance. Chrysanthemum seeds are sown in those areas which experience low rainfall during the rainy season. 
Chrysanthemums are easy to be grown and are propagated by the division of roots, cuttings and seeds. Usually, the Chrysanthemum seedlings are transplanted after about a month of sowing. But sometimes seeds can also be sown directly in site and seedlings thin out after germination. 
Chrysanthemum plants flower in about three months after sowing. Chrysanthemums have a long flowering period.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Shevanti plant needs full sun. It requires well drained soil. Water plant once in a week. Temperature ranging from 20 to 27 °C -


  • The Chrysanthemum flowers bloom in various forms, and can be daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. Chrysanthemum blooms come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and in a wide range of colors. In addition to the traditional yellow, other popular colors are white, purple, and red.
  • Chrysanthemum plants are just about the easiest of all of the perennials to grow.
  • Mums should be planted in early spring after all danger of freezing, however they can be planted almost any time, as long as they have time to establish their root system before the hottest weather.
  • Chrysanthemums grow best and produce the most flowers if they are planted in full sunshine.
  • They respond to plenty of food and moisture.
  • There are hundreds of varieties of Chrysanthemums, giving you a multitude of options for height, color, flower size and time of bloom.
  • Mums can be started as seeds, from cuttings and dividing, or can be purchased at a nursery in sizes from bedding plants up to gallon size and larger plants.
  • They should be planted into well prepared, fertile, sandy soil. Mums resent 'wet feet' so the hole should be dug extra deep.
  • After the transplants, the Chrysanthemum beds should be weeded, hoed and watered regularly.
  • In some cases staking of Chrysanthemum plants is necessary..
  • After a few weeks, the Chrysanthemum seedlings are pinched to make them bushy.
  • Fertilise when the plants are ready for blooming and discontinue fertilizing after flower buds are formed.
  • A careful check should be made to detect diseases or insect/pests and prompt control measures should be adopted to control them.


Special features:

Ornamental use: Widely used for decoration purpose. The plant possess anti-inflammatory, anti-gout and anti-thrombic activity. The plant is very effective in the treatment of wounds, tumours, boils and eye irritation.

Disclaimer: The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.


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