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Parsley Forest Green Vegetable Seeds
Parsley Forest Green Vegetable Seeds

Parsley Forest Green Vegetable Seeds

1 packet contains 100 seeds of Parsley.

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Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet



Common Name

Parsley, Petroselinum crispum(botanical name)


Plant Height : 12.0-18.0, Width :6.0-8.0"

Difficulty Level


Planting And Care

  • Parsley likes a rich soil so add a small handful of an organic fertilizer, such as 5-5-5, monthly around each plant
  • Keep plants well watered and mulch after weeding with straw or untreated grass clippings to help keep the soil cool and moist and to keep soil out of the crevices of curly parsley’s leaves
  • Control for aphids with sprays in insecticidal soap
  • Swallowtail butterfly larvae love to feed on parsley
  • It’s actually a great plant to grow in a butterfly garden for that reason
  • Unless there are many caterpillars on your plant, don’t worry about controlling them
  • A few won’t cause too much damage
  • Hand-pick and move those that are devouring a plant

Parsley Forest Green Care

  • Parsley grows best in full sun on well-drained, compost amended soil
  • If you have clay soil, consider growing parsley in an 8-inch tall raised bed
  • Parsley makes a great container, window box, or hanging basket plant as well
  • Plant parsley along walkways with your flowers or near the kitchen to be readily accessible when cooking


Full sun or partial shade.


Parsley likes moist soil. If you think the plants might need water they probably do.


Parsley prefers loose, Loamy, moderately fertile soil with plenty of added organic matter.


45°F - 75°F


Parsley prefers a fertile soil with lots of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Harvest Season

·  Harvest parsley starting about 1 month after planting, removing the outer leaves first and snipping the leaf stem to the plant crown. By snipping the outer leaves, it allows the inner leaves to continue to grow.

·  Harvest as needed during the summer. In fall before a hard frost, dig up plants in the ground and pot them.

·  Place the pots in a shaded, protected area outdoors for 1 week. Gradually move it indoors into a sunny window. It will continue producing leaves until the light levels diminish in fall.

·  Then harvest what’s left and compost the plant.

Parsley Forest Green Special Feature

·  Parsley is a biennial plant with bright green, featherlike leaves and is in the same family as dill.

·  This herb is used in soups, sauces, and salads, and it lessens the need for salt in soups. Not only is it the perfect garnish, but also it is healthy; it’s rich in iron and vitamins A and C.

Parsley Forest Green Uses

Medicinal Use:

  • Parsley has been used as a source of certain vitamins and minerals
  • Parsley seed was used traditionally as a carminative to decrease flatulence and colic pain
  • The root was used as a diuretic and the juice to treat kidney ailments

Culinary Use:

  • Used as a garnish or directly in dishes, parsley is a delicate herb with a strong peppery taste, making it a favourite for many chefs
  • As a biennial, edible white flowers emerge in an umbel during the plant’s second growing season
  • Flat leaf parsley tends to be favoured for its culinary uses while curly is more often used as decoration
  • However, flavour varies greatly by variety, so don’t rule out any types without checking their full credentials first















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