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Ornamental Orange Fruit Green Leaves Plant

Ornamental Orange Fruit Green Leaves Plant

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Time to make your home garden charming and alluring by growing this excellent fruiting ornamental orange plant. Widely cultivated for its beauty and fragrance, this perennial evergreen fruiting plant grows woody stems and is the dwarf variety of the citrus tree. Ornamental oranges are not just any pretty, fragrant flowering tree but also bear small tangerine like fruits.

The orange-colored citrus fruits are smaller than a typical lime with a thicker skin and have a tart, acid flavor similar to a lemon or lime just like standard orange trees.

This beautiful fruiting tree is native to Malaysia and Australia and a plant in the Rutaceae family. This plant looks excellent in containers as patio specimens and also as indoor trees and is preferred by gardens for its fruit eligibility. Ornamental Orange Fruit plant reaches a maximum height of 2-6 feet and does not require much maintenance and care to thrive.


Ornamental Orange Fruit Special Features

  • This plant looks great as a doorway tree, ornamental plant as well as in tub and containers.
  • This plant blooms fragrant flowers and small tangerine like fruits.
  • This plant is famous for its beauty and fragrance.
  • It is a low maintenance plant.



Common Name


Calamondin Orange, Calamansi, Citrus mitis, Miniature Orange

Utmost Height

Upto 18 inches tall

Blossom Time


Difficulty Level

Effortless to grow


Ornamental Orange Fruit Uses

Ornamental Use

  • This plant can be used for ornamental purposes

 Medicinal Use

  • It eliminates itching and promotes hair growth
  • Rubbing its juice on insect bites banish the itching and irritation.


Planting and Care

  • Ornamental Orange Fruit plant grows best in bright indirect sunlight but to grow well should also be exposed to direct sunlight especially during the morning hours (8 AM-10 AM)
  • Ornamental Orange Fruit thrives in soil that drains easily.
  • This plant grows well in soil with a mixture of potting soil, organic compost, and perlite or vermiculite in uniform ratios.
  • Never let your Ornamental Orange Fruit plant fill in with water.
  • Never overwater your plant as the leaves can rot. Water only when necessary.
  • If you’re watering your plant from underneath, by letting the plant sit in a bowl of water, ensure to filter the excess water after a few minutes.
  • Knock off the oil from the plant root by removing all rotted and dead roots.
  • While repotting your plant, make sure the soil is dry, and then remove the pot gently.
  • Place the plant in the new pot and refill with potting soil, flaring the roots out as you repot.
  • After planting, leave the plant dry for a week or so before starting to water, to reduce the risk of root rot.
  • Unused potting soil can collect moisture, and the organic material contained in the soil can cause fungal problems that can spread to the plant.



4-6 hours of direct morning sunlight and indirect bright light for the rest of the day.


Average; Don’t overwater


Well drained , fertile soil with rich organic content


12.7 – 30 degree C


Use any organic fertilizer.

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