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Mizuna, Japanese Mustard Green Herb Seeds
Mizuna, Japanese Mustard Green Herb Seeds

Mizuna, Japanese Mustard Green Herb Seeds

1 packet Mizuna Green - 40 seeds. Mizuna is a cultivated crop plant which is a dark green, serrated leafed plant.

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It is mainly grows as an annual plant. The plant grows in a rosette with fringed or deeply serrated leaves. There are green and purple-leafed varieties.

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3 days

Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet



Common Name

Japanese mustard greens, spider mustard


Up to 22cm

Flower Colour


Bloom Time

Approximately after 40 days of sowing

Difficulty Level

Easy to grow

Planting And Care

  • Keep cutting regularly to produce a continuous crop of small young leaves
  • Look for beetles, aphids, slugs
  • Apply insecticide if the plant gets affected
  • Water well, before the onset of drought

Mizuna Care

  • You can sow them directly into the soil, where they are to grow, in short rows once the previous row has germinated, from March to August
  • Acclimatize slowly to outdoor conditions
  • Thin to 5cm apart
  • Sow plants 30 to 40cm apart for harvesting at maturity
  • Row spacing at about 23cm


Full sun or partial shade




Well-drained, sandy or loamy soil


15 to 30 degrees C


Use any organic fertilizer.

Harvest Season

It can be harvested within 3 to 5 weeks of sowing.

Mizuna Special Feature

It can be grown in space.

Mizuna Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • It can be grown as an ornamental plant for its attractive foliage and flowers

Culinary Use:

  • It is more popular in Japan
  • It is fantastic salad filler
  • Flowers also edible

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