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Mimosa Pudica, Touch me not, Chui mui Plant

Mimosa Pudica, Touch me not, Chui mui Plant

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The most sensitive, sleepy, and humble plant in the pea family is the widely known “Touch me not plant”. Because of its unique recurved thorns and sensitive soft grey-green leaflets, it is popularly known as the “curiosity plant” and is a source of fascination among individuals of all age groups. One thing that is most astonishing about Chui Mui is that at the slightest sensation of touch, the plant’s leaflets will quickly close together. If you are also fond of its sensitivity and beauty, then why not purchase a good and healthy touch me not plant online!  


Plant Specifications:

Plant Height 30-50 cm
Plant Spread 12-15 cm
Leaf Length 3-6 cm
Leaf Width 0.8-1.5 cm



Interesting Plant Facts:

  • Apart from touch, the plant can also respond to heat and cold
  • The plant is rich in alkaloids, non-protein amino acids, glycosides, sterol, and terpenoids
  • The plant promises to be a potential herbal candidate for further research on its medicinal properties


Touch me not Plant Details:

Flower Color Pink
Flower Shape Globular Clusters
Common Name Mimosa Pudica, Touch me not, Chui Mui, Sensitive plant, Shy Plant, Curiosity Plant, Shame Plant
Leaf Color Touch me not plant has a Light green leaves
Leaf Shape Elongated or Oblong shaped
Leaf Arrangement Compound and Alternate
Maximum Reachable Height 50 cm
Plant Fragrance Violet and Raspberry smell
Visual Beauty Very Pleasing
Bloom Time Summer
Growing difficulty level Easy to grow


Touch me not Plant Benefits:

  • The plant is regarded to be a good antimicrobial agent killing most of the infective parasitic species.
  • Since it has a beautiful smell it is also used as a natural fragrance substance in the making of perfumes and body washes
  • It is also a potential herb that can be used to heal wounds and prevent liver damage

The plant has very essential phytochemicals ingredients and requires low maintenance and is, therefore, suitable to be grown indoors and in nurseries. If you wish to establish a home garden quickly then have a look at the touch me not plant online collection. 


Touch me not Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature 16-30 C
Optimum Soil Requirement Loamy Soil
Optimum Humidity High
Optimum Light Requirement Bright direct sunlight
Container Specifications Medium sized, should have drainage
Watering Requirements Continuously required to keep plant soil moist
Fertilizing Requirements Diluted high potassium liquid fertilizer every two weeks


Plant Care Instructions:

  • Container Tip: To avoid sogginess, consider growing the touch me not plant in a confined container or pot with drainage holes

  • Since Moist soil condition of the plant is a requirement, self-watering pots can also be used
  • Watering Tip: To keep the plant moist, watering should be frequently done especially in the morning
  • Seasonal Watering Requirement: Watering frequency should also be changed with changing seasons. Try to water the plant more often during summers and reduce the same during rainy and winter season
  • Placing a humidifier nearby could help the plant to germinate easily and also bloom naturally
  • Incase bright light and proper humidity is not provided to the plant then its germination may slow down, or it may become dormant

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