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Mammillaria Microhelia - Succulent Plant
Mammillaria Microhelia - Succulent Plant

Mammillaria Microhelia - Succulent Plant

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Add a subtle beauty and an incredible visual experience at home with this beautiful cactus plant. Mammillaria Microhelia Succulent Plant microhelia is a light green, small, columnar, perennial cactus bearing cream or brown spines.

These plants are native to Mexico and are a natural habitat in hot deserts. Mammillaria Microhelia Succulent Plant has a cylindrical body and looks great in gardens, rockeries, and indoors.

This plant blooms creamy-white, pink, and purplish flowers that grow up to 0.6 inches in diameter. The flowers appear on the top of the cactus-like crown. The radical spines are golden and the central spine and are arranged like the rays of the sun.

Hold your patience and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful display of flowers. Mammillaria microhelia is certainly not a small cactus and reaches a maximum height of 10 inches. It is a low maintenance plant. 

Common Name Golden Stars, Lady Fingers
Utmost Height Up to 10 inches
Flower Colour Creamy-white, pink and purplish
Blossom Time Blooms in Spring and Summer
Difficulty Level Effortless to grow

Mammillaria Microhelia Succulent Plant Special Features 

  • Unlike other cactus plants, Mammillaria microheliafeatures raised tubercles, from where the spine grows.
  • It is a great indoor plant.
  • Succulent plants bring in a lot of positive vibes and good energy to the house.
  • It is a low maintenance plant.

Mammillaria Microhelia Succulent Plant Uses

Ornamental Uses

  • It is a great ornamental plant.

Planting and care

  • Mammillaria microhelia blooms in bright and sunny light but can also thrive under indirect or filtered sunlight.
  • Protect the plant from extreme strong heat
  • Water the plant well; don’t overwater.
  • Allow the soil to dry off between watering.
  • Water these plants from above for the feathery spins to retain the water.
  • It thrives in well-drained mineral soils.
  • Mammillaria microhelia are prone hence should never be exposed to prolonged dampness and sitting water.
  • Use diluted fertilizers to encourage fuller growth of these plants.
  • Fertilize the plant once every 4-8 weeks during spring and summer.
  • These are slow-growing plants, therefore don't require too much fertilizer.
  • Do not water the plant during the initial two weeks of repotting.
  • While repotting, remove all dead and rotted roots and knock off the old soil from the roots. 
  • These plants are resistant to pests.

Sunlight Full and filtered sunlight; Protect from extreme heat
Watering Average; Do not overwater
Soil Well drained mineral soil.
Temperature 25-50 degrees F
Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer

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