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kalanchoe Tomentosa Nigra - Succulent Plant
kalanchoe Tomentosa Nigra - Succulent Plant

kalanchoe Tomentosa Nigra - Succulent Plant

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Kalanchoe Tomentosa is also known as a chocolate soldier is a slow-growing perennial succulent plant and is commonly known as the chocolate soldier. This plant is widely recognized for deflecting the sun’s UV rays and purchasing the Pegasus Flora Plant online is a good option to eliminate the tedious and hectic market selection.


Pegasus Flora Plant Specifications:

Plant Height 8-9 cm
Plant Spread 8-10 cm
Leaf Length 1-2 cm
Leaf Width 1.5 cm

Plant Facts:

  • Plant’s appearance and texture is pleasant and therefore considered to be a part of home carries or gardens
  • They have thin fleshy leaves for storing a large amount of water to tolerate stress
  • This is also capable enough to deflect the strong and harmful UV sunlight


Pegasus Flora Plant Details:

Flower Color Not defined
Flower Size Small size
Common Name Kalanchoe Tomentosa, chocolate soldier, Teddy bear
Leaf Color Green leaves
Leaf Shape Loose oval
Leaf Arrangement Compound
Maximum Reachable Height 25 cm
Plant Fragrance No fragrance
Plant Taste Toxic
Visual Beauty Pleasant
Bloom Time Not defined
Growing difficulty level Easy to grow

Plant Care Instructions:


  • The plant should be kept under full or partial sunlight for at least 6-7 hours and should be provided protection from pests
  • No organic fertilizers should be used to allow proper Pegasus Flora Plant growth and development

Pegasus Flora Plant Watering Tip:

  • To keep the plant intact, watering should be frequently done when the soil in the pot has dried and roots become well intact

Seasonal Watering Requirement:

  • The frequency with which the Plant has to be monitored should variate with changing seasons. Thus, water more in summers and less in winters.
  • Initially plant is not capable enough to tolerate strong wind conditions therefore should be planted in a wind-protected area

Kalanchoe Tomentosa plant is a beautiful shrub and because of its pleasant and attractive look, it is considered to be planted in domestic gardens, carries, and nurseries. If you also wish to enjoy a beautiful look at your garden, then quickly have a look at the Pegasus Flora Plant online collection. 


Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature 22-35 ℃
Optimum Soil Requirement Moist Soil
Optimum Humidity High
Optimum Light Requirement Full or partial sunlight
Container Specifications Medium-sized, should have drainage
Watering Requirements Frequent watering to keep the soil moist
Fertilizing Requirements Not needed

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