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Indian Sweet Lime, Mausammi Grafted Plant

Indian Sweet Lime, Mausammi Grafted Plant

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India’s most popular Mosambi plant is also known as the Indian Sweet lime Plant. According to the international biological nomenclature, Indian Sweet lime is known as Citrus limetta.

It is a fast-growing and large plant. Because it provides the best-known juice and antibacterial properties, it is widely grown throughout the country. Purchasing the Mosambi Plant online is a good option to eliminate the tedious and hectic market selection.


Plant Specifications:

Plant Height 80-90 cm
Plant Spread 14-16 cm
Leaf Length 3-5 cm
Leaf Width 0.9-1.5 cm



Plant Facts:

  • The plant is widely grown as a houseplant due to its ornamental significance
  • The plant is quite adaptable to varying water and heat requirements
  • It is an easy to grow and low maintenance plant


Indian Sweet lime Plant Details:

Flower Color Greenish Yellow
Flower Size Small size
Common Name Indian Sweet lime, Mausambi, Meetha Nimbu, Sweet orange, persian lime, Sweet limetta, Mausammi
Leaf Color Green leaves
Leaf Shape Ovate
Leaf Arrangement Compound
Maximum Reachable Height 600-650 cm
Plant Fragrance Essence of Lime
Plant Taste Sweet and Mild
Visual Beauty Simple
Bloom Time June-July, September-October, January- February
Growing difficulty level Easy to grow



Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature 29 ℃
Optimum Soil Requirement Moist Soil
Optimum Humidity High
Optimum Light Requirement partial sunlight
Container Specifications Medium sized, should have drainage
Watering Requirements Frequent watering to keep the soil moist
Fertilizing Requirements Organic Fertilizers



Indian Sweet Lime Plant Care Instructions:


  • The plant should be kept under partial sunlight for at least 6-7 hours and should be provided protection from the cold spells
  • Use of organic fertilizers should be preferred to reduce the level of external toxic contents

Mausammi Grafted Plant Watering Tip: 

  • To keep the plant intact, watering should be frequently done when soil in the pot has dried and roots become well intact

Sowing Tip:

  • The plant grows at its own pace and fruits will come after three years of proper growth and development
  • The plant is not capable enough to tolerate strong wind conditions therefore should be planted in wind protected area

Plant Benefits:

  • The plant helps in combating various ulcer conditions and heals skin injuries and wounds
  • These plant also possesses good antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties
  • The plant extract boosts immunity, enhances the glow of skin and can also be used to soften and smoothen hair texture


Indian Sweet lime plant has important medicinal properties, and its juice is very delicious, tasty and healthy for humans. If you wish to enjoy homemade juicy Mosambi juice, then quickly have a look at the Mosambi plant online collection. 

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