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Indian Gooseberry, Amla Big Fruit, Grown through seeds Plant

Indian Gooseberry, Amla Big Fruit, Grown through seeds Plant

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Phyllanthus Emblica or the popular Indian Gooseberry Plant is one of the precious herbs native to the Indian subcontinent. Because of its several medicinal and herbal properties, it is actively grown in India.

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Plant Specifications:

Plant Height 15 cm
Plant Spread 10 cm
Leaf Length 5-7 cm
Leaf Width 0.9-1.5 cm



Plant Facts:

  • The plant is widely grown as a houseplant due to its ornamental significance
  • The plant is quite adaptable to varying water and heat requirements
  • It is an easy to grow and low maintenance plant


Plant Details:

Flower Color Greenish Yellow
Flower Size Small size
Common Name Malacca Tree, emblic, amla, Indian gooseberry, amalika
Leaf Color Green leaves
Leaf Shape Cup shaped
Leaf Arrangement Closed set
Maximum Reachable Height 1800 cm
Plant Fragrance Enticing 
Plant Taste Bitter and Sour
Visual Beauty Simple
Bloom Time February
Growing difficulty level Easy to grow



Amla Big Fruit Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature 46 ℃
Optimum Soil Requirement Loamy Soil
Optimum pH Acidic
Optimum Light Requirement partial sunlight
Container Specifications Medium sized, should have drainage
Watering Requirements Frequent watering to keep the soil moist
Fertilizing Requirements Organic Fertilizers



Amla Big Fruit Plant Care Instructions:


  • The plant should be kept under partial sunlight and water logging and clogging should be avoided

Amla Big Fruit Fertilizing:

  • The use of organic fertilizers should be preferred to reduce the level of external toxic contents

Watering Tip: 

  • To keep the plant intact, watering should be frequently done when the soil in the pot has dried and roots become well intact

Sowing Tips:

  • The plant grows at its own pace and fruits will come after two years of proper growth and development
  • The plant can tolerate some alkalinity and some level of salinity, but optimum fertile soil should be provided to it

Amla Big Fruit Plant Benefits:

  • The plant has a high level of Vitamin C content, therefore, improves human digestion and gland functions
  • The plant is also a good source of Iron and thus is used to treat anemic conditions
  • It is also good for hair so is also used in hair oils
  • The plant contains a lot of phenolic phytochemicals that remove toxins from the human body to sustain a healthy lifestyle


Indian Gooseberry plant has good digestive system enhancement properties, and its juice is very healthy for the human body and hair growth. The plant also does not require costly and unearthly conditions for growth so if you wish to enjoy healthy amla properties then quickly have a look at the Amla plant online collection. 

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