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Honeysuckle, Lonicera Sempervirens Plant

Honeysuckle, Lonicera Sempervirens Plant

Beautiful Flowering plant 

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One of the sweetest and long-lasting fruity-scented plants are the Honeysuckle Sempervirens Plant. According to the biological nomenclature it is known as Lonicera sempervirens.

Due to its use in every Indian household people often consider it wise to grow indoors. So, one can also find Honeysuckle Plants online at affordable ranges and of good quality!


Plant Specifications:

Plant Height 15-17 cm
Plant Spread 5-10 cm



Honeysuckle Sempervirens Plant Facts:

  • The plant is very adaptable and it is found in diverse habitats
  • The plant is also very tolerant to changing soil and can be planted at any time of the year


Plant Details:

Flower Color Red on the exterior part and yellow inside
Flower size Small
Common Name Trumpet honeysuckle, scarlet honeysuckle, honey plant, coral honeysuckle
Leaf Color Dark Green
Leaf Shape Ovate
Leaf Arrangement Simple
Maximum Reachable Height 15 feet
Plant Fragrance Sweet and long-lasting
Visual Beauty Attractive
Bloom Time Mid spring to late summer
Growing difficulty level Easy to grow



Plant Benefits:

  • The plant fruit is a potential emetic and cathartic agent
  • The plant is dried and then used to provide relief from asthmatic symptoms


Honeysuckle Sempervirens Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature 18-30 ℃
Optimum Soil Requirement Moist, Fertile Soil
Optimum Light Requirement Full sunlight
Container Specifications Well drained Pot
Watering Requirements Frequent watering is required
Fertilizing Requirements Organic fertilizers



Lonicera Sempervirens Plant Care Instructions:


  • The plant can grow well in the indoor environment, but it is advised that the plant should be grown in the area which receives proper sunlight


  • To reduce the toxic contents of fertilizers, it should be mixed with water whenever applied
  • Try to use organic fertilizers to ensure no chemical degrades plant quality 

Lonicera Sempervirens Plant Watering Tip: 

  • To keep the plant intact, watering should be done when the plant container or soil has dried

Seasonal Watering Requirement: 

  • Watering frequency should be regulated. It should be done more often during summers and should be gradually reduced during winters and rainy seasons

Sowing Tip: 

  • Make sure that the natural, direct and bright sunlight and proper humidity is provided to the plant to avoid slowing down its germination


The plant is widely grown in indoor households, lawns and in nurseries as it is very adaptable, easy to grow and a tolerant plant. If you wish to establish a home garden quickly then have a look at the Honeysuckle Plant online collection. 

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