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Dracaena Surculosa, Spotted Leaf Dracaena Plant

Dracaena Surculosa, Spotted Leaf Dracaena Plant

Dracena requires bright but not direct light and the leaves will brown or drop if the light is too high or low. Keep the soil moist during the regular growing season and cut back in the winter.

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Purchase Description

  • Dracaena Surculosa, Spotted Leaf Dracaena Plant
  • Product Material : Natural Plant With Pot , Quantity : 1
  • Pot : Height : 5 Inches (13 cm), Pot Colour : Black (Plastic)
  • Very easy to maintain and Suitable for gifting to Plant Lovers

Plant Description

Foliage Leaves are smooth and leathery, about 7 - 12cm long, elliptical or ovate, with a mucronate apex. Young leaves are green with attractive yellow or golden variegation patterns, usually spots or blotches. They are arranged spirally at the growing tip of the stems. As the stem grows, the leaves mature and the yellow variegation fades to cream or white, and the internodes lengthen. Pairs of leaves may appear to be in opposite arrangement, while clusters of 3-4 leaves appear as whorls.
Flowers Flowers are white, inconspicuous, about 1.5cm long, borne in a terminal globular cluster on a downward drooping peduncle which is about 8 to 15cm long.
Others - Plant Morphology A common container-grown monocotyledonous plant in Singapore. Unlike other species belonging to the genus Dracaena, this plant does not have strap-like leaves. It is slow-growing, and can eventually reach a height about about 1m.
Cultivation Popular as an indoor plant as it is quite hardy and prefers partial shade. If placed in insufficiently bright positions, it may lose its variegation or shed leaves. It can tolerate a couple of hours of direct sunlight but too much will scorch the foliage. Requires well-drained soil, even more so that other Dracaena species. It is very sensitive to over-watering, which will cause the leaves to turn brown and fall off, often prompting even more watering, thereby worsening the situation. Thus it is prudent to water only sparingly, when the surface of the soil is dry to the touch, taking care not to drench the soil. It appears to benefit from monthly to fortnightly foliar fertilization



Disclaimer: The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.


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