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Deenanath Grass Seeds 500 Gm
Deenanath Grass Seeds 500 Gm
Deenanath Grass Seeds 500 Gm

Deenanath Grass Seeds 500 Gm

Grow this good quantity, high germination Dinanath grass which s an annual tufted grass.

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Purchase Description

  • Deenanath Grass Seeds
  • Quantity : 500 Gm seeds

Product Description

Common name:Desho grass, Deenanath

Hindi Name:Deenanath

Botanical name:Pennisetum pedicellatum

English Name : indigenous grass

Family :Poaceae

Desho grass (Pennisetum pedicellatum), known simply as desho, is an indigenous grass of Ethiopia belonging to the Poaceae family of monocot . It is also known as annual kyasuwa grass in Nigeria, bare in Mauritania, and deenanath grass in India. It grows in its native geographic location, naturally spreading across the escarpment of the Ethiopian highlands. Widely available in this location, it is ideal for livestock feed and can be sustainably cultivated on small plots of land. Thus desho is becoming increasingly utilized, along with various soil and water conservation techniques, as a local method of improving grazing land management and combating a growing productivity problem of the local region.

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