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Crassula Cultrata - Succulent Plant
Crassula Cultrata - Succulent Plant

Crassula Cultrata - Succulent Plant

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Crassula cultrata is a beautiful ornamental plant with fleshy, shiny leaves with diverse shapes and textures. It is one of the easiest plants to maintain in your garden, and the dark, glossy green is a great foil for almost any flower color. This fascinating ornamental plant has over 350 species and is ideal for both indoor and gardens.

This succulent shrub grows up to 32 inches tall with woody, rigid branches with a diameter of almost 0.4 inches towards the base. The leaves grow in opposite pairs, usually yellowish-green with reddish margins, turning reddish-brown.

The inflorescence is an enlarged thyrse including one terminal and numerous smaller heads within branches, of many, fluidly clustered flowers. These plants bloom well in partial sunlight and need well-drained soil to thrive.

 Crassula cultrata - Succulent Plant Special Features

  • It is a stunning ornamental plant.
  • Has over 350 species.
  • It is a low-maintenance plant.

Common Name Bush Plakkie, Sharp-leaved Crassula
Utmost Height  Up to 80 cm
Flower Colour Yellowish-green
Difficulty Level Effortless to grow

Crassula cultrata - Succulent Plant Uses

Ornamental Uses

  • Crassula cultrata is easy to grow and is associated with good luck, wealth, and prosperity. 
  • They are excellent for borders, edging, containers, ground covers, coastal gardens, rock gardens, and xeriscaping
  • The plants look terrific laced into and hanging over walls.

Medicinal Uses

  • Helpful in treating diabetic patients.

Planting and care

  • Crassula is easy to grow and is vulnerable to bugs and fungal diseases.
  •  Not under any circumstances let your Crassula fill in with water.

  • Never overwater your succulent plant as the leaves can rot. Water only when necessary.
  • If you’re watering your succulent from underneath, by letting the plant sit in a bowl of water, ensure to filter the excess water after a few minutes.
  • Knock off the oil soil from the plant root by removing all rotted and dead roots.
  • While repotting your succulent, make sure the soil is dry, and then remove the pot gently.
  • Place the plant in the new pot and refill with potting soil, flaring the roots out as you repot.
  • After planting, leave the plant dry for a week, before starting to water lightly to reduce the risk of root rot.

Sunlight Fragmented sunlight
Watering Average
Soil Well-drained soil.
Temperature 18-25 degrees C
Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer

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