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Coleus coerulescens - Succulent Plant

Coleus coerulescens - Succulent Plant

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When it’s about annuals, garden designers know that it’s not just about the flowers- foliage matters too. Discussing foliage, coleus is nothing less than a gem. These fleshy, Coleus coerulescens-succulent plants are a member of a popular mint family with woody grey-brown stems bearing fleshy succulent blue-green leaves and finely toothed margins.

 Also known as hens-and-chicks, these succulent plants have a beautiful leaf structure with oppositely arranged leaves, and a square stem.

For all forgetful gardeners, Coleus is the ideal choice. It will never let you down. It blooms short, spiked pale-blue boat-shaped flowers.

Though Coleus is a heat-loving herbaceous plant but is usually treated as an annual. Coleuses reach a maximum height of 7 inches and are low maintenance.

Coleus coerulescens Special Features

  • These plants have a beautiful leaf structure with short pale-blue boat shaped flowers.
  • It has one of the best attractive foliage.
  • It makes an excellent indoor and terrace plant.

Common Name

Hens-and-chicks, blue spur flower, false boldo.
Utmost Height 2 to 2.50 feet
Flower Colour Pink/white, Blue/white,  red/white
Blossom Time April to May
Difficulty Level Effortless to grow

Coleus coerulescens Uses

Ornamental Use

  • The striking and the unusual appearance make it a great ornamental plant. 
  • These plants are suitable for containers, rock gardens, cottage gardens, open shade gardens, woodland gardens, and Xeriscaping.  

Planting and Care

  • Like most succulents, these plants do not require frequent watering.
  •  For best appearance, pinch above the set of leaves or branching junction.
  • Allow the soil to dry off between watering.
  • Don’t forget to soak the soil when watering
  • Succulents require good drainage soil. 
  • These plants do not do well in wet soils, but they thrive in poor soils.
  • Trim these succulent plants anytime in the spring, summer, and falls.
  • To encourage hardy growth and to get more vibrant colors, place the plant in lots of sunlight.
  • Use diluted fertilizers to encourage fuller growth of these nitro deficient succulent plants.
  • It’s best to pinch off the small flowers to direct more energy into the stem and foliage growth.

Sunlight Full to partly shade
Watering Average; Do not overwater
Soil Well drained soil.
Temperature 60 degrees F
Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer.

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