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Bougainvillea White Plant

Bougainvillea White Plant

Bougainvillea white is a species of plant genus bougainvillea under the family nyctaginaceae, it is characterized by its spring leaves that resemble to the flowers, it has bright-colored flowers along with bushes and thorny vines.

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Bougainvillea Plants are one of the very famous plants which display the elegant floral bloom throughout the year. Biologically, Bougainvillea plants are described as versatile and annual plants. They are planted in full sunlight and are often used for ornamental purposes.

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Bougainvillea Plant Specifications:

Plant Height

50-65 cm

Plant Spread


Plant Facts:

·        The plant is quite adaptable and easy to grow

·        They are low maintenance plants and have an aromatic fragrance

·        The plants are widely used for ornamental purposes

·        They are used for floral decorations such as bouquets

Plant Details:

Flower Color


Flower size


Common Name

buganvilla, bugambilia, Napoleon, veranera, trinitaria, Santa Rita or papelillo

Leaf Color

Dark Green

Leaf Shape


Leaf Arrangement


Maximum Reachable Height

40 feet

Plant Fragrance

Moderately aromatic

Visual Beauty


Bloom Time


Growing difficulty level

Easy to grow

Bougainvillea Plant Benefits:

  • The plant has potential anti-hyperlipidemic properties and is also used as a cholesterol-lowering agent
  • The plant is also a good anti-oxidizing agent and prevents oxidation of xenobiotics and free radicals
  • The plant also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties

Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature

25-29 ℃

Optimum Soil Requirement

Sandy Soil

Optimum Light Requirement

Direct sunlight

Container Specifications

Well-drained Pot

Watering Requirements

Frequent watering is required

Fertilizing Requirements

Organic fertilizers

Plant Care Instructions:


  • The plant can grow well in the indoor environment, but it is advised that the plant should be grown in an area which receives proper sunlight
  • Avoid re-plotting the plant for at least two weeks


  • Use fertilizer as per the specifications mentioned on the label
  • Try to use organic fertilizers to ensure no chemical degrades plant quality

Watering Tip: 

  • To keep the Bougainvillea plant intact, watering should be done when the plant container or soil has dried
  • Overwatering may cause some severe damage to the plants

Seasonal Watering Requirement:

  • Watering frequency should be regulated. It should be done more often during summers and spring seasons
  • Watering Frequency should be gradually reduced during winters and rainy seasons

Sowing Tips:

  •  Make sure that natural, direct, and bright sunlight and proper humidity is provided to the plant to avoid slowing down its germination
  • Manage the water and fertilizing requirements as the plant grows up as gradually more amount of fertilizer and water may be required by the plant

The plant is a beautiful choice to be considered for ornamental purposes. The plant does not require a high maintenance environment therefore it should be grown in indoor households, lawns, and in nurseries. If you wish to establish a home garden quickly then have a look at the Bougainvillea Plant online collection.

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