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Set of 12  Succulents and Cactus Plants

Set of 12 Succulents and Cactus Plants

Succulents are wonderful plants that require very little attention to care. They add a textured and structured look to any corner of your garden. The unbeatable beauty and hardy nature of succulents attract gardeners especially beginne ¹ This pack is perfect for gifting as this is an elegant and vibrant addition to the garden. Enjoy the plant beauty and forget about care with this succulent plants pack

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  • About this item.
  • Included in purchase | (12) hand selected cacti & other succulent variety. Each plant may vary from pictures shown as succulents are hand selected based on season, size, health, and readiness..
  • Watering needs | Cactus summer: water generously. Let soil medium dry out between waterings. Winter: reduce watering to every other month. Succulent: water thoroughly 1x/week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter..
  • Fertilizing needs | Cactus: fertilize during the summer with cactus fertilizer. Don't feed during winter. Succulent: feed with controlled-release fertilizer beginning of season or weekly with a weak liquid solution..
  • Soil | sun | potting | use well-drained soil. Regular potting soil or dirt won’t do. Use cactus soil/mix potting soil with sand/pumice/perlite. Approx 6 hrs of sun per day. Gradually give plant more sunlight each day..


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