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Bel Tree, Bilva Patra, Bel Patra Grown through seeds Plant

Bel Tree, Bilva Patra, Bel Patra Grown through seeds Plant

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Haven’t we all tried the delicious and Juicy Bel juice during summers? The nutritious juice comes from the Bel tree or as in biological nomenclature. 

Due to its use in every Indian household people, it is often considered wise to grow Bel Plant indoors. So, one can also find Bel Plants online at affordable ranges and of good quality!


Bel Patra Plant Specifications:

Plant Height 30 cm
Plant Spread 15 cm


Bel Plant Facts: 

  • The plant is known for its refreshing and juicy Bel juice
  • Bel Patra Plant has a huge ancient significance in Hindu culture
  • The plant produces sweet-scented flowers


Plant Details:

Flower Color Yellowish-green
Flower size Medium
Common Name Bel plant, Bel patra
Leaf Color Green
Leaf Shape Bell-shaped
Leaf Arrangement Alternate
Maximum Reachable Height 10 m
Plant Fragrance Aromatic
Visual Beauty Refreshing
Bloom Time April-May
Growing difficulty level Easy to grow


Bel Patra Plant Benefits: 

  • The plant has very natural healing properties and prevents humans from many diseases
  • The Bel plant’s juice is very soothing and refreshing
  • It has essential constituents to treat digestive ailments like ulcers


Bel Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature 20-25 ℃
Optimum Soil Requirement Moist, Fertile Soil
Optimum Light Requirement Direct sunlight
Container Specifications Well drained Pot
Watering Requirements Moderate watering is required initially
Fertilizing Requirements Organic fertilizers


Bel Tree Care Instructions: 


  • Bel Patra Plant should be kept in a well-drained pot and watering should be done when the soil is dry
  • To reduce the toxic contents of fertilizers, Bel Plant should be mixed with water whenever applied


  • Try to use organic fertilizers to ensure no chemical degrades Bel plant quality

Watering Tip:

  • To keep the Bel Patra Plant uninjured, watering should be done when the plant container or soil has dried
  • Pests should be removed from the planting area mainly by crop rotation techniques

Seasonal Watering Requirement:

  • Watering frequency should be regulated. It should be done more often during summers and should be constantly reduced during winters and rainy seasons
  • Ensure clear sunlight and proper humidity is provided to the plant to avoid reducing down its germination 


As the plant is very good for our health and well-being it should be considered for planting in our gardens and nurseries! If you want to enjoy Bel juice try finding the Bel plant online and be free from hectic and tedious market exposures.

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