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Balsam Rose, Balsam Gulab Flowering Seeds
Balsam Rose, Balsam Gulab Flowering Seeds

Balsam Rose, Balsam Gulab Flowering Seeds

Balsam flower resemble with mini roses thickly spaced petals and tones.Bloom beautiful flowers at your place to freshen your everyday with Balsam Rose Flowering Seeds

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  • Balsam Rose, Balsam Gulab Flowering Seeds
  • Quality : around 35 seeds


This plant has a sparsely branched form and narrow lance-shaped, pale green leaves. Cup-shaped hooded flowers 1-2 inches across, either singly or in clusters, are followed by explosive seed capsules. A variety of colors are available, including rose, lilac, and creamy yellow.

Care:Does best in partial shade and moist, well-draining loam. Add composted organic matter to the soil for optimal performance. Shelter from wind. Impatiens balsamina is free-flowering and grows well in shade.

Propagation:Sow seed in early spring.

Problems:Spider mites, flower thrips, root knot nematode, whiteflies, and aphids, especially under glass. Caterpillars outdoors. Gray mold, impatiens necrotic spot virus, fungal leaf spots, Rhizoctonia stem rot, Pseudomonas leaf spot, and Verticillium wilt.

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