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Anthurium Any Color Plant

Anthurium Any Color Plant

Anthurium makes an impressive display in your living room with a great eye-catcher Anthurium plant.

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Purchase Description

  • Anthurium (Any Color) - Plant
  • Product Material : Natural Plant With Pot , Quantity : 1
  • Pot : Height : 5 Inches (13 cm), Pot Colour : Black (Plastic)
  • Very easy to maintain and Suitable for gifting to Plant Lovers

Plant Description

Plant height: 7 - 11 inches (17 - 28 cm)

Plant spread: 7 - 11 inches (17 - 28 cm)

This product may not have the flowers when shipped, the plant will later bloom any colored flower.

Anthurium is grown for their brightly colored flower spathes and their ornamental leaves. This plant is the best indoor flowering plant.

The leaves of this plant are often clustered and are variable in shape. The anthurium has any color flower often called a flamingo flower. Anthuriums are grown for their bright color flower spathe and their ornamental leaves. The flowers are contained in dense spirals on the spadix. The spadix is often elongated into a spike shape, but it can be globe-shaped or club-shaped. Beneath the spadix is the spathe, a type of bract. Anthurium is one of the best air purifiers cleansing air pollutants, such as benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, and formaldehyde.

Common name(s): Tailflower, flamingo flower and laceleaf.

Flower colours: Any color

Bloom time: All Season

Max reachable height: Up to 45 centimeter

Difficulty to grow: Medium

Planting and care

Initial care for 1-2 weeks after receiving plant at your location:

  • Check the moisture in the soil before watering it.
  • Poke your finger into the soil, if dry then apply water.
  • Keep the plant in indirect bright light.
  • Do not re-pot immediately after receiving it.

  • Key requirements to keep plant healthy:

    Sunlight: Indirect bright sunlight

    Soil: Coarse and well-drained potting mix.

    Water: Medium

    Temperature: 20 to 30 degree Celsius

    Fertilizer: Spray any organic fertilizer

    Caring for Anthurium


    • Anthuriums need a high light but not direct sunlight.
    • Keep the plant in indirect bright sunlight or partial sunlight area.

    • Soil:

    • Use nutrient rich, well drained, well aereted, and porous potting mix.
    • The potting mixture consists of charcoal, broken pieces of bricks and tiles, coconut husk and fibre for orchid cultivation.

    • Watering:

    • Mist or overhead sprinkler should use to provide water and to maintain humidity.
    • Sprey the water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering for the winter & rainy season.
    • Try to water the plants in the morning around 8-10 am.

    • Application of Fertilizer:

    • Foliar application of NPK 20:10:10 @ 0.2% at weekly intervals on the whole plant and potting media, it's starting from 30 days after planting.

    • Re-potting:

    • When a plant outgrows in current pot, re-pot with fresh potting soil and some fertilizer.
    • Do the re-potting late evening and keep the plant in shady area for 2 to 3 days then move the plant to its required light condition.

    • Plant Protection:

    • Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts.
    • For any insect attack or disease, you can use Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil or Citrus oil spray for primary treatment.

Typical uses of Anthurium

Special features: Best indoor flowering plants

Ornamental use: The plant is used for an ornamental purpose.

Disclaimer: The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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