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Q: What is Dahlia?

A: Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberous, and perennial plants native to Mexico. They are grown for their brightly colored flowers, which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Q: Are Dahlia plants easy to care for?

A: Dahlia plants require moderate care. They need regular watering, well-drained soil, and plenty of sunlight. Dahlia tubers need to be dug up and stored in a cool, dry place during the winter months.

Q: What colors do Dahlia plants come in?

A: Dahlia plants come in a wide range of colors, including red, pink, orange, yellow, white, and bi-colors.

Q: How tall can Dahlia plants grow?

A: The height of Dahlia plants can vary depending on the variety, but most plants grow between 1 to 4 feet tall.

Q: When do Dahlia plants bloom?

A: Dahlia plants typically bloom from mid-summer to early autumn.

Q: Can Dahlia plants be grown in containers?

A: Yes, Dahlia plants can be grown in containers as long as the container is large enough and has drainage holes. They require regular watering and fertilization to thrive in containers.

Q: Do Dahlia plants attract bees?

A: Yes, Dahlia plants are known to attract bees and other pollinators, making them a great addition to any garden.